Sunday, September 30, 2007


This was my third college techfest and each time it just gets bigger..!!
I could participate in 1 workshop and had paper presentation .
The workshop (MyFirm)was just what I gave me an important insight in reading the balance sheet of any company. I would thank Dr. Vinod Dumblekar(of Mantis) for conducting the workshop. The workshop was actually a simulation game in which you own a company(you are actually a team of 3-4 guys), you make decisions for your company for a quarter and then get the balance sheet of ur company at the end of the quarter. Though my company had a PAT going negative I learnt the various steps a CEO has to take to run his business successfully. The event continued for the entire day and none of us was willing to stop....however the game was only 1 day event. This would certainly help me in future
Moving on to the paper presentation. The topic we had choosen was micro CHP applications in Hospitals. The entire idea of CHP is in my mind since I have completed my Industrial Training in Ugar Sugar Works( After the workshop I was completely exhausted and so was Gopal after his Bellagio event. But the next day we had to present our paper. We then sat down and got the presentation ready. In the morning we once again went through the slides and were almost confident. I was nervous, as usual before speaking to public but I had the material and that made me confident. The presentation went on well although there is still scope for improvement. I think the questions could have been answered in a better way by me. Anyways I was really satisfied at the end of the presentation. We managed to get the 3rd prize .
There were other events like IITB's NEXUS, iBOT, GSM 1.0 and others but I preferred to sleep in the afternoon. Now I have to work on SHAASTRA, very less time for that....

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$andeep Tharwani said...

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