Friday, October 19, 2007

Why have a blog? Part 2

So after a break I continue the 2nd part of why have a blog
In the part 1 I generalized the blogs around the world into 3 types .
A personal or self-advertising blog is always useful to put the blogger on the webosphere (blogosphere or whatever u like). Such blogs can be a great network building platforms{if you develop a wide reader base} and the present era thrives on networking. I had read in a blog that many recruiters insist on maintenance of active blogs. Thus maintaining a personal blog will always help you to remain in touch with people having similar interests as yours.
The next type of blog is a Corporate blog. Realizing the power of blogs many corporate maintain a blog. Such blogs discuss the prospective products of the company thus developing a pre-advertizing platform. It also helps in addressing the problems of the customers esp for software products.
Basically any blog is driven by Expressions, Interests and the Intellect. I feel my blog is expressive and some what driven by intellect because I do like Philosophy although I have not mentioned it directly in any of my posts.

The second sessionals are now over and have to get tickets for going home. The countdown has begun....

Monday, October 15, 2007

Its Time to ACT!!!!!!

I would continue my part 2 of why to blog in later posts (after my exams)
Well I got to see this Blog Action Day.....and I wanted to be a part of it. I had read about such campaigns previously , now its time to contribute.....
The topic they have chosen is Environment and well it is the greatest threat (i mean the the climate change and global warming) for humankind in the next century.
Although this topic is still debated all round the world, we have to accept the changes in Environment are not natural. The effect on environment may not be felt in short span of time. It is a complex process and slowly but certainly the pollution and other human initiated impacts on environment are affecting the mother Earth.
It is a known fact that coal is the dirtiest of the fossil fuels. And more than 50% of electricity comes from thermal power plants using coal as the primary fuel. We can reduce the CO2 emissions by efficient use of electricity.
Being an Electrical Engineering student I would suggest a 3-point Energy Saving Scheme :
  1. Use CFL......don't worry about initial costs you can negate those by lower electricity bills.....a village in India was able to lower its daily load (current) demand to half by use of CFL
  2. Make maximum possible use of natural light and natural cooling.
  3. Use equipments rated as efficient by a proper authority like BEE in India.

People ask me why should we worry about next 100 years when none of us will be here. My answer to this is you enjoy the fruits of trees planted by your grandparents then it is your moral and social responsibility to ensure that life sustains on planet Earth.

Some data mentioned above needs to be validated. I have obtained it from numerous sources.

Finally I would say "Its not the time to think....its the time to ACT"

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Why have a Blog?-Numero uno

I am trying to write my blog in parts. This is the part one and also includes something related to my life. This blog is dedicated to all wanna-be bloggers.
I think I did mention about this in my previous posts. So whats new this time around..
Well I went through many more blogs and a couple of articles in CHIP magazine.
And I figured 3 wide categories of blogs:
1. A philanthropist's blog--a blog dedicated to man kind, it includes all environmentalist, educators, advisers and the like.
2. A blog which advertizes the blogger and in which he describes his daily activities--mine is in this category!!!!!
3. A corporate blog-- blog maintained by corporate to contact with the customers and discuss their new products.
In this blog I will mention about the first kind and related topics
There are many non-profit organizations conducting various blogging events in which people contribute by way of their experiences, imagination and views. Such events promote problems faced by mankind which includes cancer, AIDS, poverty, illiteracy.
Global Warming and Climate Change will be the most challenging problem. I say this because it would effect every one- the rich and the poor, the Indains and the Chinese, literate and ill-literate. Blog Action Day(15th Oct) will be such a campaign in which people are encouraged to write about Environment. I did register to the site!!! lets see what I manage to write..Another such event was conducted by some mall in Chennai in which bloggers had to write about Cancer. It was back in 2005/6 though.....
MY LIFE: I am happy that my blog addiction (to whatever small extent) has made some of my relatives and friends to have a blog.
Meanwhile my plans of Google ad-sense are held in abeyance. Currently I am more than satisfied without the materialistic (read money) pleasures of my blog.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Posting after a long time. Amit is off to IITM so I am without the Internet for 4 days. I cancelled my IITM trip at the last moment. Now I have to start preparing for the second sessionals.
I got to read an old digit magazine somewhere around Nov 2005 which had a couple of articles on blogging. One was about corporate blogs and how they are maintained. Then there was one related to blogging for the awareness of cancer which was actually a competition. I found both articles interesting. It shows how modern networking and advertising are shaping up.
Meanwhile I am confused over the use of Google AdSense......not really sure about trying it on my blog. I think I'll have to first widen my reader base to get paid off handsomely.
Thats all folks nothing more to write....