Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Why have a Blog?-Numero uno

I am trying to write my blog in parts. This is the part one and also includes something related to my life. This blog is dedicated to all wanna-be bloggers.
I think I did mention about this in my previous posts. So whats new this time around..
Well I went through many more blogs and a couple of articles in CHIP magazine.
And I figured 3 wide categories of blogs:
1. A philanthropist's blog--a blog dedicated to man kind, it includes all environmentalist, educators, advisers and the like.
2. A blog which advertizes the blogger and in which he describes his daily activities--mine is in this category!!!!!
3. A corporate blog-- blog maintained by corporate to contact with the customers and discuss their new products.
In this blog I will mention about the first kind and related topics
There are many non-profit organizations conducting various blogging events in which people contribute by way of their experiences, imagination and views. Such events promote problems faced by mankind which includes cancer, AIDS, poverty, illiteracy.
Global Warming and Climate Change will be the most challenging problem. I say this because it would effect every one- the rich and the poor, the Indains and the Chinese, literate and ill-literate. Blog Action Day(15th Oct) will be such a campaign in which people are encouraged to write about Environment. I did register to the site!!! lets see what I manage to write..Another such event was conducted by some mall in Chennai in which bloggers had to write about Cancer. It was back in 2005/6 though.....
MY LIFE: I am happy that my blog addiction (to whatever small extent) has made some of my relatives and friends to have a blog.
Meanwhile my plans of Google ad-sense are held in abeyance. Currently I am more than satisfied without the materialistic (read money) pleasures of my blog.

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