Monday, October 15, 2007

Its Time to ACT!!!!!!

I would continue my part 2 of why to blog in later posts (after my exams)
Well I got to see this Blog Action Day.....and I wanted to be a part of it. I had read about such campaigns previously , now its time to contribute.....
The topic they have chosen is Environment and well it is the greatest threat (i mean the the climate change and global warming) for humankind in the next century.
Although this topic is still debated all round the world, we have to accept the changes in Environment are not natural. The effect on environment may not be felt in short span of time. It is a complex process and slowly but certainly the pollution and other human initiated impacts on environment are affecting the mother Earth.
It is a known fact that coal is the dirtiest of the fossil fuels. And more than 50% of electricity comes from thermal power plants using coal as the primary fuel. We can reduce the CO2 emissions by efficient use of electricity.
Being an Electrical Engineering student I would suggest a 3-point Energy Saving Scheme :
  1. Use CFL......don't worry about initial costs you can negate those by lower electricity bills.....a village in India was able to lower its daily load (current) demand to half by use of CFL
  2. Make maximum possible use of natural light and natural cooling.
  3. Use equipments rated as efficient by a proper authority like BEE in India.

People ask me why should we worry about next 100 years when none of us will be here. My answer to this is you enjoy the fruits of trees planted by your grandparents then it is your moral and social responsibility to ensure that life sustains on planet Earth.

Some data mentioned above needs to be validated. I have obtained it from numerous sources.

Finally I would say "Its not the time to think....its the time to ACT"

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