Friday, October 19, 2007

Why have a blog? Part 2

So after a break I continue the 2nd part of why have a blog
In the part 1 I generalized the blogs around the world into 3 types .
A personal or self-advertising blog is always useful to put the blogger on the webosphere (blogosphere or whatever u like). Such blogs can be a great network building platforms{if you develop a wide reader base} and the present era thrives on networking. I had read in a blog that many recruiters insist on maintenance of active blogs. Thus maintaining a personal blog will always help you to remain in touch with people having similar interests as yours.
The next type of blog is a Corporate blog. Realizing the power of blogs many corporate maintain a blog. Such blogs discuss the prospective products of the company thus developing a pre-advertizing platform. It also helps in addressing the problems of the customers esp for software products.
Basically any blog is driven by Expressions, Interests and the Intellect. I feel my blog is expressive and some what driven by intellect because I do like Philosophy although I have not mentioned it directly in any of my posts.

The second sessionals are now over and have to get tickets for going home. The countdown has begun....



It was a good piece of information. Keep blogging and you definitely will have a wide reader base. Do bring out your philosophical content in your next blog.
Hope to see stuff on philosophy soon...
adios amigos,

Harshad Desai said...

Thankx for the comment
Waiting for ur blog to go online