Tuesday, November 06, 2007

....after a pause...

Its been a long time off line. There are a couple of reasons for that....We were exhausted of gprs and I had a very busy academic schedule.

Talking about the academics Power Systems 1 has been a real bore subject the only reason being the teacher. I cant understand the logic why a teacher needs to dictate some shit to 3rd years. The most funny part is people keep on scratching the shit in their books (except some like me who are too lazy). The tragedy doesn't end here.....we also have to present so called seminars and submit write-ups(of course the only difference between the 70 odd write-ups will be the font)

GOD save me!!!!!

Moving to another tragedy in Sem 5.....the electronics lab.....finished the lab xam today and every1 was a relieved soul........This sem seems to be hardest not in theory or exams but only in handling the teachers.

Anyways life moves on................other stories..

It was exciting when SENSEX touched 20k, although it couldn't sustain the high levels.

Reading some blogs about entrepreneurship a couple of business ideas have clicked in my head.

The net seems a problem --C hostel has no net connection and the gprs is very slow and costly. Even now I have to ping…... the computer is not receiving a single byte hope I am able to put the post online at 12:57 AM!!!!!!!

Posted 1 day late!!!!!!

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