Sunday, May 03, 2009

One Last Time....

"When I started out four years ago it seemed as a never-ending journey and when I look back now it hardly seems four days ...." a very common statement/thought/feeling that all of us share while leaving college. Well, past one week with all the farewell ceremonies was full of such emotional dialogues....
Enjoying through the last month at NITC, I always wondered and kept a record of the activities I would be doing for the last time  .... here are few of those:
attending and bunking classes
paying the bills
writing long assignments
registration for the next semester(it was last time in the previous sem :) 
dancing as if you are drunk
issuing library books
the last visit to Mezban, Hyson and other such places 
and there are many more such teeny-weeny things I did for the last time ....

the EE batch 05-09 group photo .... one last time ....

To end this good bye post ... a few quotes which have been status messages on GTalk for a while now ......

college life ke hain bache huye kuch hasi pal... aiye waqt jara dheere dheere chal. doston se hokar juda ab rehna hain muskil.. aiye waqt jara dheere dheere chal. na jaane kab chalte chalte aa gaya sahil.. aiye waqt jara dheere dheere chal. ab jaane se kyun darta hu, jab mil gayi manjil aiye waqt jara dheere dheere chal. bas doston ke saath mein mil jaaye kuch aur pal yaadon ki in parchaiyon ko kar to lu haansil. aiye waqt jara dheere dheere chal.

A life which is to end Only when I am no more A life which transformed me In a fighter to the core A season of love and friendship For eternity which will last In my future to follow I will long to re-live this past Memories of this part of the Journey I'll carry all life long Memories of those precious moments Which made my life a beautiful song My eyes go teary Emotions fill my heart As my days left here are few Now it is time to bid Adieu !!!!

PS: Exams are not yet over. And as I said in a previous post exams nurture creative thoughts ... just another example of that ;)