Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Type 0 Civilizations

A few days ago, I was watching an exciting documentary on Nat Geo about extra terrestrials (ET) . Here are some of the facts discussed in the doc
Physicists have defined different types of civilizations
Type 1 - This civilization is capable of utilizing all available natural resources on its planet like the oceans and winds.
Type 2 - This civilization not only uses the available natural resources but can also harness energy from its stars.
Type 3 - This civilization is so advanced that it can even manipulate the surrounding space and thus create stars, black holes etc.
Now, of course the immediate question is where do we (we as in human civilization) fit in? Well, we are categorized as Type 0 civilization and we belong to this category because we use the energy from dead plants and animals in form of fossil fuels. We are yet to harness the wind and water effectively.
The thing I find interesting is a creature from a type 0 civilization can think of type 3 civilization and that signifies the power of our imagination!!!
Moving on to another exciting fact.. there is a possibility that we ourselves are ET landed from some planet like Mars. This is possible because a few experiments have proved that bacteria can sustain the tremendous heat and pressure that a meteorite faces while it crashes on Earth. So some billion years ago a meteorite landed on our Earth and thus life evolved from the bacteria it carried.
Start searching for ETs ................

I had initially planned to finish 100 posts by end of 2008 with Year review on 31st Dec, 08 being my 100th post. But due to various reasons I couldn't.
I hope to maintain a more active blog in 2009 :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008