Friday, August 31, 2007

Finished with 1st paper

Yaa I know I mentioned that this is not going to be my web diary rather it would be a collection of my ideas- melange as my friend Abhijit has named his blog.
But I cant keep stopping writing about my college life. Yesterday it was difficult to study with India almost winning the match. So close yet so far. We were studying with more than half of our mind wandering in common room {the place where we watch cricket and other matcehs, basically our TV room} A cheer from there and we were all running for the latest score.
But just badluck for Indians. Now we must win all the remaining matches to ensure a series win.
Have to study for the remaining subjects.
Bye the way the polling for the last week is over.....I had a single vote from me........ Poll results
My blog is interesting: votes 100%; no. of votes !

My orkut home page gave me this fortune, don't know how much is true........
Today's fortune: The star of riches is shining upon you

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Conversion from Web Diary to MY IdEaS

I think I have been maintaining my blog as my web diary {if you may call it so}. Well after going through different blogs I am more inclined towards writing about something different........something other than the college stuff..
Frankly speaking this is not at all time for writing about abstract ideas....... Only 1 day left for my midsems... I hope to start writing it in my future blogs.
It was great to see someone posting a comment on my blog....I never expected that.
This is my first experience with uploading photo on my blog. My friend Kiran's comment on this photo "R U alright ?U look as if U R Cing the End of the Universe. " And my reply was IPCC(Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change)
has reported just 8 more years... So Stop Global Warming!!!!!
Anyways this photo was taken during my summer trip to North India and the river in the picture is the Holy Beas.
Well as I mentioned above I am changing my blog topics it would be great to start off with Global Warming as it is the need of the hour to stop this global phenomenon.
My suggestions to people reading this blog are:
  • Minimize the amount of electricity you consume. Avoid usage of heavy electrical appliances during peak hours. Use CFLs as far as possible{don't worry about the initial cost. the initial cost covers your electricity bill}
  • Use public transport, I know this may be difficult with present mass transport system in India.....but do try to use it.
  • Support NGOs and Research Institutes which are keen on stopping this erratic climate change.
  • Industries can put off their AC and other electrical gadgets for at least an hour in a week.
  • Make the masses aware about global warming and its effects.
  • Maintain your vehicles and electrical appliances.

I know it is sounding very theoretical but remember


This was my first direct attempt to write something other than college life.

Hope to continue with fresh ideas next time...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Another Sunday gone.............

It's 2 days of rest. Very little study of DSD{still going on....}
Finally, Gaurav Soni succeeded in conducting the first of our planned forums. I had hardly planned for the forum but his excitement couldn't resist me from entering the discussion{although there was very little discussion, most of the talking done by GS}. It was a gr8 idea but not a gr8 start. Hopefully we will make it more interesting in the coming weeks.........
Congratulations to Amit for his new blog!!!!!!!!!!!
Still updating my PC with various softwares after yesterdays formatting. Now it has got the Google Desktop Search and its Sidebar. I would thank Google a lot, for providing so many things.
Gmail, Orkut, Blogger, Google Earth, Gtalk and the list gors on and on........ Thanks Once again guys.................

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Holiday time

It seems rest time with 5 days off. But this short vacation is followed by 1st sessionals, so nothing much to cheer. My 1st onam vacation in NITC. Yesterday I had gr8 time with my friends while we dined out, after a long time we all were together{will upload the pics soon}.
Though the dinner was not that good and so was the service at HYSON, but still it was fun.
Its already 1 day less and nothing started for the exams....... hope to start it tonite.
Tried to chat with Chinmay but same problem again low speed.
Had dinner today in the new MC aka NIT coffee shop. Also completed formatting my PC today. It is now free of viruses but the problem is anti-virus, it is difficult to get updates at such horrible speeds.
Have to stop here.................STUDY TIME!!!!????

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Misc Ideas

"Writing is easy. All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until the drops of blood form on your forehead." - Gene Fowler
For me its not paper but the pc screen.{No idea who Mr. Gene Fowler is, I just pasted from someone else's blog}
Well talking about the academics, very few teachers are making their respective subs interesting. MPMC(or MMA, as sir prefers to call it) alongwith DSD and Control S/Ms are the one in which I have managed to maintain a decent interest. The biggest shock was Power S/Ms. I had even planned to pursue higher studies in PS, but now it seems only a miracle frm my or sm1 else's side will ensure that.
Meanwhile this sem looks more or less like a programming sem with 2 subs dealing with assembly language and vhdl. This is accompanied by EEA conducting MATLAB workshops and KPM emphasizing its need. So finally I will be able to explore the programming power of my PC.
This year EEA is not going to be same old stuff, my friends will ensure it will continue to function as actively as any other club in NITC. We have great plans for the future.......
The labs continue to be boring. Exams are nearing and there is ample time to study and start this sem with good scores.
Hope to keep the blog updated........

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blogging frm my pc

Finally on 15th August I attain independence from the computer centre. The GPRS connectivity has made it possible, although it comes for a price. The speed still remains a problem though. But that might just be sufficient for now. Updates for my anti-virus take long times, my first download was the registration for the Active HDL pack which was just 800 or so KB.
Have to keep it short for today, I have to attend classes for tomorrow and also the workshop. Lots of things to do....very little time...... as usual...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Routine

So, the routine has set in.... The classes are followed by evening masti and some work for various organizations. The most tiring part is writing a lab record. GOD knows why teachers insist so much on lab records. The lab is to do something practical and not just draw waveforms that too with a scale. Nothing is as boring as that. I thought the Electronics Lab would be cool but it seems utopian belief.
Anyways thats how the life has been for past two years. Nothing is new except for the subjects. Even with the laptop there is no facility for net browsing in the hostels {leave alone downloading some stuff}. So all in all the routine is set with a few chaneges here and there.
Nothing more to write or nothing more to think!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

New academic year

It is more than 3 months since my last entry. The vacations were coolest I ever had. My brother and I travelled a lot. We visited as many as 5 different states, some places we had a stay for few days. Overall we enjoyed a lot.
This summer I also had my first encounter with industry by going thru the industrial training. It was great to see how things exactly work in an industry. I hope to do a industrial project during next summer.
Now I am back to Calicut, it is semester 5 and with all the important subjects.
hope to keep connected to the web thru my blog.......