Thursday, August 30, 2007

Conversion from Web Diary to MY IdEaS

I think I have been maintaining my blog as my web diary {if you may call it so}. Well after going through different blogs I am more inclined towards writing about something different........something other than the college stuff..
Frankly speaking this is not at all time for writing about abstract ideas....... Only 1 day left for my midsems... I hope to start writing it in my future blogs.
It was great to see someone posting a comment on my blog....I never expected that.
This is my first experience with uploading photo on my blog. My friend Kiran's comment on this photo "R U alright ?U look as if U R Cing the End of the Universe. " And my reply was IPCC(Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change)
has reported just 8 more years... So Stop Global Warming!!!!!
Anyways this photo was taken during my summer trip to North India and the river in the picture is the Holy Beas.
Well as I mentioned above I am changing my blog topics it would be great to start off with Global Warming as it is the need of the hour to stop this global phenomenon.
My suggestions to people reading this blog are:
  • Minimize the amount of electricity you consume. Avoid usage of heavy electrical appliances during peak hours. Use CFLs as far as possible{don't worry about the initial cost. the initial cost covers your electricity bill}
  • Use public transport, I know this may be difficult with present mass transport system in India.....but do try to use it.
  • Support NGOs and Research Institutes which are keen on stopping this erratic climate change.
  • Industries can put off their AC and other electrical gadgets for at least an hour in a week.
  • Make the masses aware about global warming and its effects.
  • Maintain your vehicles and electrical appliances.

I know it is sounding very theoretical but remember


This was my first direct attempt to write something other than college life.

Hope to continue with fresh ideas next time...

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