Friday, August 31, 2007

Finished with 1st paper

Yaa I know I mentioned that this is not going to be my web diary rather it would be a collection of my ideas- melange as my friend Abhijit has named his blog.
But I cant keep stopping writing about my college life. Yesterday it was difficult to study with India almost winning the match. So close yet so far. We were studying with more than half of our mind wandering in common room {the place where we watch cricket and other matcehs, basically our TV room} A cheer from there and we were all running for the latest score.
But just badluck for Indians. Now we must win all the remaining matches to ensure a series win.
Have to study for the remaining subjects.
Bye the way the polling for the last week is over.....I had a single vote from me........ Poll results
My blog is interesting: votes 100%; no. of votes !

My orkut home page gave me this fortune, don't know how much is true........
Today's fortune: The star of riches is shining upon you

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