Sunday, September 30, 2007


This was my third college techfest and each time it just gets bigger..!!
I could participate in 1 workshop and had paper presentation .
The workshop (MyFirm)was just what I gave me an important insight in reading the balance sheet of any company. I would thank Dr. Vinod Dumblekar(of Mantis) for conducting the workshop. The workshop was actually a simulation game in which you own a company(you are actually a team of 3-4 guys), you make decisions for your company for a quarter and then get the balance sheet of ur company at the end of the quarter. Though my company had a PAT going negative I learnt the various steps a CEO has to take to run his business successfully. The event continued for the entire day and none of us was willing to stop....however the game was only 1 day event. This would certainly help me in future
Moving on to the paper presentation. The topic we had choosen was micro CHP applications in Hospitals. The entire idea of CHP is in my mind since I have completed my Industrial Training in Ugar Sugar Works( After the workshop I was completely exhausted and so was Gopal after his Bellagio event. But the next day we had to present our paper. We then sat down and got the presentation ready. In the morning we once again went through the slides and were almost confident. I was nervous, as usual before speaking to public but I had the material and that made me confident. The presentation went on well although there is still scope for improvement. I think the questions could have been answered in a better way by me. Anyways I was really satisfied at the end of the presentation. We managed to get the 3rd prize .
There were other events like IITB's NEXUS, iBOT, GSM 1.0 and others but I preferred to sleep in the afternoon. Now I have to work on SHAASTRA, very less time for that....

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Witnessing the rare........

Finally I get to see India winning a world cup...{the 2002 Champions Trophy was shared with Sri Lanka}. So, India becomes the first nation to win all the major ICC tournaments.....sounds gr8...ODI WC in '83, World Series in '85, Champions' Trophy in '02 and the T20 world cup '07.
The final match was like a pendulum swinging from India's side to Pakistan every 5 overs or so... the match was simply delightful esp. the heart-freezing moments in the final overs. As usual the common room was fulled completely {and this time I have a pic to display that}.. India truly deserved to win the tournament only b'coz of their spirited performance and magnificent captaincy by M S Dhoni.....I thank the entire Indian Cricket Team for gifting the nation with the Cup.....My brother would be very happy on the return of Irfan Pathan.......his favourite sportsman.
TATHVA is just 2 days away....It will be a gr8 4 day fest.....I have to work on my paper presentation......A short blog after a wonderful match...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Blood Donation

Yesterday{20th September '07} was an important day for me. I donated my blood for the first time. It was about 12 years back when my Mom told me that I have one of the rarest blood groups {A neg} since then I had thoughts of donating my blood some time in my life. So finally I got a chance to donate.
It was about 8:30 am when I left for the blood donation centre in the Govt. Medical College Hospital. I was very nervous in the beginning. Once we {the relative of the patient was accompanying me} reached the hospital I was asked to complete a form and then the doctor asked me about my medical history. After that my blood group was verified and I was asked to proceed to the collection centre. Feeling nervous I entered the room and was then asked to lie down on the bed. The doctor then applied pressure on my shoulder and a pipe connected with a huge needle was inserted on to one of my blood vessels in the arm. It was not as painful as expected though but I still couldn't get rid of the nervousness. For around 10 mins I literally pumped blood in to the blood bag. I cannot describe the feeling I had for those 10 mins. After the donation I was asked to keep my hand folded and sit for sometime. I was also given coffee and some biscuits so that I can retain some energy. But after 2 mins or so I felt like I am losing my consciousness. I felt so energy-less that I even couldn't call the doctor. Somehow I managed to do that. I was then asked to lay down and my legs were held vertical so that blood can accumulate in the upper part of the body. After being in that position I felt some what comfortable and I felt energy entering my body. Later the relative and I left for the college.
The entire blood donation process was a great feeling for me. Although I missed the classes--the first time I missed classes for a very good reason. However my teachers didn't feel it right to give me attendance for the reason. Anyways it was gr8 experience for me.....a real satisfying experience.
Nothing to write about today though.....It was just normal classes followed by a lecture on MATLAB by Dr. K P Mohandas.
Yeah and I am still regaining my complete body power with plenty of supplimentary foods and juices.
Meanwhile Amit{ } has really hooked onto blogging. He managed to find a new friend on yahoo messenger a real friend not the ones generated by computers.
It seems my posts are getting longer in content....Have to stop here... I'll try to find sm1 on Y!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

GPRS Activated

Yeh finally I get to surf the net from my room{although speed is incomparable to that of E}.
What a day to was just amazing to watch Yuvraj at his crusading best against the poor English cricketers (esp Stuart Broad). So as i publish this post I can hear people from common room shouting with joy.
The following line was taken from when England required 36 in their last over
And what do you know. England need 36 in an over! It's been done before ... by Yuvi..... It is certainly the best T20 knocks I have ever watched...
With the cluster maps it was great to see people atleast opening my blog from all round the world.
Thank You every1....!!!!!

Bio-Informatics Workshop and Ganesh Chaturthi

9/16/2007, 11:58 PM
This weekend was very busy one. This Saturday being Ganesh Chaturthi, I had to do my religious duties. It started in the morning around 8 but the actual puja started only at 11 after the stage was completely decorated. Apoorva, Keval and I then completed the puja {a very quick puja}. It was then followed by aarti by director and some other faculty members.
In the evening we had a bash with dandiya night. It was great to see people playing all types of dandiya. In the end it turned from dandiya night to dj night and guess who was the DJ…………???Yeh it was my first experience of being a DJ and it was gr8!!!!!!!! I couldn’t resist some of my favorite party numbers and danced as I did in first year……. Although not as long.
The next day i.e. Sunday I had to attend the Bio-informatics workshop as organizer and as participant {for some time}. The event was conducted by IEEE SB and CSEA and was a gr8 success. I personally enjoyed it, though very little stuff entered my head. I felt interesting one of the speakers' comparison between a desktop and a neck-top.
He noted that today's computers work with 1010 transistors but the human mind works with 1040 neurons, the analogy here being made between transistors and neurons. The workshop has opened a new door for my higher studies. This field is already one of the hotspots of 21st century and more importantly for budding entrepreneurs, researchers and students it is the zenith of all present day R & D. The speakers spoke well about there respective fields and was an enlightening session for everyone present there. We were not sure about the turnout. As usual my friends missed another important workshop only due to their skeptical attitude. However we were satisfied with the response from out-station participants. There were people including students, faculty and professionals coming from all of South India.

Tomorrow 9/17/2007 will be a difficult day with tronix lab in the afternoon {esp. HR}
Hopefully everything will go orderly tomorrow and then have to enjoy in the procession for visarjana. Meanwhile I was totally impressed with the high actually super high speed internet in E-hostel. Those A&*$!#@s are enjoying single rooms with ultra high speed internet. My one wish let C get the same………………….. Seems Utopian……!!!!????

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Exhausted of GPRS

I had to return back to college computer centre for updating my blog. The GPRS account on Amit's mobile is now over, we will try to renew it as soon as possible so that I can return to my previous best.
However i have been publishing an offline blog on my notebook, a gr8 MS Office tool which came along with my pc. Couldn't manage to update it here though I will do it later.
Yesterday's Visarjan Procession was gr8. This is the 1st Ganesh Utsav I am celebrating away from home. Except for the modak I feel I din't miss anything.
Have to end abruptly................

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Practical Engineering

The topic which I would mention today is the emphasis on practical aspects in Engineering.

Although Indian Engineers are considered to be one of the best in the world {not only IITs but also other engineering colleges} the importance given to practical exercises is very low.
An engineer works in an extremely dynamic environment. S/He has to get acquainted with the ever changing nature of the field s/he is in. One cannot rely on antediluvian techniques in the 21st century. For this reason an engineer should have an imaginative mind. An imaginative mind will exist only if one is allowed to explore different subjects of study. A fixed syllabi hinders this exploration. I am not saying that there should not be any fixed syllabi. Only some basic fundamentals must be set fixed as a course the other part may be left dynamic which changes every 2 years or so. This way the corporate may find it easy and soft on their pockets for employee recruitment.
Same thing implies in laboratory classes. Among 10-13 experiments 5 may be fixed and all students ought to complete them and the rest may be decided by the students. Of course students should in all cases avoid plagiarism. This was suggested by my friend Gaurav Soni. This sort of academics allows the student's mind to explore around the world and not get stuck between the two dimensions of a book.
My mother always gives me advice of not being like a horse, which always looks in one direction confined by its collars or whatever it is called around the head.
I personally feel an engineering course should be as dynamic as possible. Students should be encouraged to work on practical aspects of their course. There must be a strong interaction between the industry and the academic institutes as both are of equal importance in progress of any country.

I know many would disagree with my ideas but as a student these were my views of making the syllabi more interesting so that students enjoy each and every day of their graduation period.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Funky blog-- followed by bad luck

Yeah my blog would look more "funky" with the two new things I have added.
But I messed with my today's blog. I wrote a very long blog and then clicked on publish post only to realize I had previously logged off and have to log in again w/o my post. Real Hard Luck.... And guess what? I watched a movie "My Luck" today afternoon. So the movie might be having an effect on me......

Any ways I cant write the entire thing again as I am feeling sleepy.
But I will mention some things I remember
I started of with the importance of blogging in employee recruitment---about which I had read in blog by Mr. Himanshu Seth.

I then quoted an interview of Mr. Steve Jobs in which he stressed the importance of living the present. I can actually copy+paste the part of his interview here:

Steve Jobs in an interview:
"And, you know, one of the things I did when I got back to Apple 10 years ago was I gave the museum to Stanford and all the papers and all the old machines and kind of cleared out the cobwebs and said, let's stop looking backwards here. It's all about what happens tomorrow. Because you can't look back and say, well, gosh, you know, I wish I hadn't have gotten fired, I wish I was there, I wish this, I wish that. It doesn't matter. And so let's go invent tomorrow rather than worrying about what happened yesterday."

I then talked about the last encounter between India and England. The atmosphere in our common room after the match was just inexpressible,every single guy dancing {especially after the exam the success seemed super sweeter}

Thats all and wish All the Best for Team India in the final encounter tomorrow.