Saturday, September 22, 2007

Blood Donation

Yesterday{20th September '07} was an important day for me. I donated my blood for the first time. It was about 12 years back when my Mom told me that I have one of the rarest blood groups {A neg} since then I had thoughts of donating my blood some time in my life. So finally I got a chance to donate.
It was about 8:30 am when I left for the blood donation centre in the Govt. Medical College Hospital. I was very nervous in the beginning. Once we {the relative of the patient was accompanying me} reached the hospital I was asked to complete a form and then the doctor asked me about my medical history. After that my blood group was verified and I was asked to proceed to the collection centre. Feeling nervous I entered the room and was then asked to lie down on the bed. The doctor then applied pressure on my shoulder and a pipe connected with a huge needle was inserted on to one of my blood vessels in the arm. It was not as painful as expected though but I still couldn't get rid of the nervousness. For around 10 mins I literally pumped blood in to the blood bag. I cannot describe the feeling I had for those 10 mins. After the donation I was asked to keep my hand folded and sit for sometime. I was also given coffee and some biscuits so that I can retain some energy. But after 2 mins or so I felt like I am losing my consciousness. I felt so energy-less that I even couldn't call the doctor. Somehow I managed to do that. I was then asked to lay down and my legs were held vertical so that blood can accumulate in the upper part of the body. After being in that position I felt some what comfortable and I felt energy entering my body. Later the relative and I left for the college.
The entire blood donation process was a great feeling for me. Although I missed the classes--the first time I missed classes for a very good reason. However my teachers didn't feel it right to give me attendance for the reason. Anyways it was gr8 experience for me.....a real satisfying experience.
Nothing to write about today though.....It was just normal classes followed by a lecture on MATLAB by Dr. K P Mohandas.
Yeah and I am still regaining my complete body power with plenty of supplimentary foods and juices.
Meanwhile Amit{ } has really hooked onto blogging. He managed to find a new friend on yahoo messenger a real friend not the ones generated by computers.
It seems my posts are getting longer in content....Have to stop here... I'll try to find sm1 on Y!


Amit Kumar said...

You have really done a great job....Blood donation is not a very easy one....Although you got nervous initially ...but still you succeeded.
Once again Congrats...

Harshad Desai said...

Thankx for ur congratulations.......

Galaxian said...

Good to knw that you could actully convert your childhood blood donation thought into reality...!!Congrats.

Harshad Desai said...

thank you.... i always wondered when will i get a chance for donation, this one was a total surprise for me.
Its like u will be waiting for smthing very eagerly and when it comes u r some what confused.