Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bio-Informatics Workshop and Ganesh Chaturthi

9/16/2007, 11:58 PM
This weekend was very busy one. This Saturday being Ganesh Chaturthi, I had to do my religious duties. It started in the morning around 8 but the actual puja started only at 11 after the stage was completely decorated. Apoorva, Keval and I then completed the puja {a very quick puja}. It was then followed by aarti by director and some other faculty members.
In the evening we had a bash with dandiya night. It was great to see people playing all types of dandiya. In the end it turned from dandiya night to dj night and guess who was the DJ…………???Yeh it was my first experience of being a DJ and it was gr8!!!!!!!! I couldn’t resist some of my favorite party numbers and danced as I did in first year……. Although not as long.
The next day i.e. Sunday I had to attend the Bio-informatics workshop as organizer and as participant {for some time}. The event was conducted by IEEE SB and CSEA and was a gr8 success. I personally enjoyed it, though very little stuff entered my head. I felt interesting one of the speakers' comparison between a desktop and a neck-top.
He noted that today's computers work with 1010 transistors but the human mind works with 1040 neurons, the analogy here being made between transistors and neurons. The workshop has opened a new door for my higher studies. This field is already one of the hotspots of 21st century and more importantly for budding entrepreneurs, researchers and students it is the zenith of all present day R & D. The speakers spoke well about there respective fields and was an enlightening session for everyone present there. We were not sure about the turnout. As usual my friends missed another important workshop only due to their skeptical attitude. However we were satisfied with the response from out-station participants. There were people including students, faculty and professionals coming from all of South India.

Tomorrow 9/17/2007 will be a difficult day with tronix lab in the afternoon {esp. HR}
Hopefully everything will go orderly tomorrow and then have to enjoy in the procession for visarjana. Meanwhile I was totally impressed with the high actually super high speed internet in E-hostel. Those A&*$!#@s are enjoying single rooms with ultra high speed internet. My one wish let C get the same………………….. Seems Utopian……!!!!????

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