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Tech blogs

I was going through the NY Times and found an exciting article on this tech blog "tech tips for the basic computer user." It is one of the interesting blogs I have come across recently.It gives a very good description about current technologies. The article on tips is a very enlightening one (do not believe me check out the tips, many of which you may not know)
I dream of a day when I will blog about the latest ghizmos and gadgets. That would actually be my dream job. I envy the guys who present the latest gadgets on television shows like Cell guru, tech2.0 etc. It must be an awesome experience for those guys (the so called "reviewers of technology"). Imagine handling the latest G1 phone with Google's Android and the next moment you are playing the newest game by EA sports on a PS 3. Just unbelievanle experience!!!!
And if I am able to get such a job I would justify the sobriquet - "Indian Techie Guy" given by inos (people are wondering who this guy is???)
Now this post is slowly turning into a post on my dream jobs. Anyways I won't change the title. Any change in title would take the credits away from David Pogue's blog (the one given above)
Another dream job would be something like the Man vs. Wild anchor-Bear Grylls ( didn't knew his name just googled it) does. Or for that matter Lonely Planet's Ian Wright. These guys travel a lot and I just want that kind of life. Although there is a quite a lot I have to work on before replacing those guys ;) (esp learning the survival tecniques). But I wouldn't mind working out to get that kind of life.
One more of my dream jobs would be an astronaut. I want to see the Earth from the above and I am not rich (crazy if u want) enough to hire SpaceShipOne's services. So the right thing here would be being an astronaut and work for ISRO, NASA or some other space agency.... that way I can earn as well as enjoy the benefits!!!

I hope some day (at least for a day) I am able to get one of the dream jobs..... the future is bright :)

Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Indo-US Nuclear Deal

This is a widely debated topic these days. It is almost covered daily on all news channel (though I am currently not watching any news, it is easy to guess when it comes to news channels). The topic was quite common in the group discussion rounds of the recruitment procedure. Then why am I writing about it? Well two reasons
1. No other topic 
2. My friend inos (read reverse) suggested it 
         So lets get started......
I'll first put down the benefits of the deal and then obviously comes the disadvantages
Benefits :
The main reasoning given by the governemnt is the power shortage we are facing. Yes definitely we can improve the power scenario by importing nuclear technologies from the developed countries. It is the best possible short term solution for India and it is friendly to the environment (does not emit the green house gases)
A strategic partnership with the United States will always boost trade. So we will see close to 3 billion USD of investment. The deal will also bring in nuclear technologies that were banned in India because of the existing restrictions by the NSG. I had read it in a Times of India article about how the deal would benefit all the different industrial sectors.  The article was a real eye opener. Before reading that I had assumed the deal would only help to ameliorate the starving power sector. But it shows how the deal will benefit the overall Indian economy. It states the import of nuclear technologies will greatly benefit the medical and health care sector. The modern scanning equipments require radioactive isotopes which until now were not allowed in India. The use of nuclear technologies will also enable the different manufacturing sectors to expand rapidly. Another important advantage is India can gain access to super computers(there was some reason mentioned, which i cant recall now). The deal will also give a major boost to the electronics industry. Then of course it will create umpteen empolyment opportunities. Also to use nuclear technology skilled man power is essential and so there will be newer institutes for nuclear technology which would inturn require faculties and thus creating more employment.  Well I got the article from times archives, check it out here
   Now moving on to the potential problems 
Using nuclear power to meet India's enrgy demands is a myopic solution. It does not create the problems arising from a thermal power plant but certainly the problems associated with nuclear waste must be pondered over. Nuclear waste can be hazardous and requires utmost care in disposing. Then there is the problem of a nuclear disaster something like a Chernobyl. Though the possibility of such events has gone down considerably but it is something which cannot be neglected altogether. And if such a disaster occurs it may be the worst event in history of mankind after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. This problem would be even more complicated for India because of its high population density. Then again there are military related issues which are required to be sorted out. I am not aware of what exactly will happen if India tests a nuclear weapon. But I guess it will definitely create bitter relation between India and the NSG. 
So as far as the economic perspective is kept in mind the deal will be beneficial for the Indian economy. Environmentalist will have different views(they usually have :) ). But what I feel irritating is the government's explanation- it will help in meeting our energy demands.  One needs to be far sighted when it comes to energy. We cannot develop solutions only for 3-4 decades. We need to invest in renewable sources and venture out into non conventional energy. Nuclear power is good but it comes at a cost. 
Anyways the deal is almost done......lets hope we see more good!!! 
Thats all guys if you have any more points "for" or "against" please put it up in the comments. 

inos u should atleast comment... ;)