Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tech blogs

I was going through the NY Times and found an exciting article on this tech blog "tech tips for the basic computer user." It is one of the interesting blogs I have come across recently.It gives a very good description about current technologies. The article on tips is a very enlightening one (do not believe me check out the tips, many of which you may not know)
I dream of a day when I will blog about the latest ghizmos and gadgets. That would actually be my dream job. I envy the guys who present the latest gadgets on television shows like Cell guru, tech2.0 etc. It must be an awesome experience for those guys (the so called "reviewers of technology"). Imagine handling the latest G1 phone with Google's Android and the next moment you are playing the newest game by EA sports on a PS 3. Just unbelievanle experience!!!!
And if I am able to get such a job I would justify the sobriquet - "Indian Techie Guy" given by inos (people are wondering who this guy is???)
Now this post is slowly turning into a post on my dream jobs. Anyways I won't change the title. Any change in title would take the credits away from David Pogue's blog (the one given above)
Another dream job would be something like the Man vs. Wild anchor-Bear Grylls ( didn't knew his name just googled it) does. Or for that matter Lonely Planet's Ian Wright. These guys travel a lot and I just want that kind of life. Although there is a quite a lot I have to work on before replacing those guys ;) (esp learning the survival tecniques). But I wouldn't mind working out to get that kind of life.
One more of my dream jobs would be an astronaut. I want to see the Earth from the above and I am not rich (crazy if u want) enough to hire SpaceShipOne's services. So the right thing here would be being an astronaut and work for ISRO, NASA or some other space agency.... that way I can earn as well as enjoy the benefits!!!

I hope some day (at least for a day) I am able to get one of the dream jobs..... the future is bright :)

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Anonymous said...

I wanted to do that too, go on TV and talk about expensive gadgets, but i gave up and did medicine.. still crazy about software tho :)