Friday, November 16, 2007

Crouching End Sems

So another end sem is nearing ...the 5th one and 3 more to go!!!!
This semester has been very productive for me if I look at it from the web point of view....I have become a more addicted {or whatever you may say} blogger.........I have read more blogs than my class notes/books......I have created my LinkedIn Profile and just finished creating a Technorati Profile as well.
Now I've to study for the end sems so that I can achieve my set SGPA for this semester {I would rather not disclose the target} My mini project group (Amit and Abhijit) is still clueless on our mini project idea. The problem is we have been thinking on creating something indigenous of sorts. When we met Suresh Kumar Sir we were brought downto earth. We've to come up with something very interesting at the same time not very complicated.
I'll write interesting stuff within a couple of weeks.....I would return only after my end semester
Hope not to return tomorrow and write another post with the same expectation at end!!!!!!!
EEA and IEEE SB have launched their respective websites and thats great news

Test Post

just for claiming my blog on technorati
Technorati Profile

Monday, November 12, 2007

E-waste and related problems-What I understood

I came across an article on e-waste during the summer vacation of 2006. I was interested in it but procrastinated search on the same. For the Environmental Studies we had to choose a topic for our semester project and my obvious choice was e-waste management.
While working on the project I came to know the various laws enacted by various governments regarding e-waste disposal. There is no one standard definition for e-waste. Every government/organization has developed its own definitions. However there are not many differences in these definitions.
Many of the leaders in Electronic equipment manufacturing like HP, Dell, IBM have given due importance to this issue. I also came across firms which have their business models based on e-waste disposal like ReCellular and E-Parisaraa.
I also got to know the EU directives on WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) and RoHS (restriction of hazardous substances). The problems that may arise from improper e-waste disposal are secondary to none. Thus the issue of e-waste management must be dealt with utmost priority on a global scale.
I think the best way to fight such global issues is by creating awareness among the masses.
Sooner I will upload the presentation of the project on my blog.
People interested in knowing more about the project may mail me at

I watched a video on the new MAC OS X-Leopard....and its simply amazing. I really liked the "Time Machine" that they have developed for backup.
You might be seeing a new widget on my blog. Well I have joined LinkedIn and wanted to promote my profile.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy Diwali !!!!

So its my third diwali away from home......I always remember the diwali back home!!!!
Anyways when the globe is shrinking, you can have very few reasons to stay away from your family. But you can still be connected with your loved ones through internet which I feel is the best invention/discovery to happen for mankind.
Meanwhile we (Abhijit, Amit and me) have not finalised a mini project. The search is still somw ideas though but have to bring it to earth. The environmental studies project is working on well. However the classes conducted where really boring it should have been more practical concentrating on the solutions rather than problems. Well I can't direct the classes.
Another end semester is closing on and once again it will be a week long night-out sessions.
I am trying to learn French through an audio lecture series and it is really very good. Hope to have some posts in French as well{a few sentences}
Have to sleep early....have to visit Temple tomorrow {9th Nov} early morning.

PS: If people do visit my blog and find something to share on any idea please feel free to do so.
I would be more than happy to get suggestions and/or critics from my readers.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

....after a pause...

Its been a long time off line. There are a couple of reasons for that....We were exhausted of gprs and I had a very busy academic schedule.

Talking about the academics Power Systems 1 has been a real bore subject the only reason being the teacher. I cant understand the logic why a teacher needs to dictate some shit to 3rd years. The most funny part is people keep on scratching the shit in their books (except some like me who are too lazy). The tragedy doesn't end here.....we also have to present so called seminars and submit write-ups(of course the only difference between the 70 odd write-ups will be the font)

GOD save me!!!!!

Moving to another tragedy in Sem 5.....the electronics lab.....finished the lab xam today and every1 was a relieved soul........This sem seems to be hardest not in theory or exams but only in handling the teachers.

Anyways life moves on................other stories..

It was exciting when SENSEX touched 20k, although it couldn't sustain the high levels.

Reading some blogs about entrepreneurship a couple of business ideas have clicked in my head.

The net seems a problem --C hostel has no net connection and the gprs is very slow and costly. Even now I have to ping…... the computer is not receiving a single byte hope I am able to put the post online at 12:57 AM!!!!!!!

Posted 1 day late!!!!!!