Friday, November 16, 2007

Crouching End Sems

So another end sem is nearing ...the 5th one and 3 more to go!!!!
This semester has been very productive for me if I look at it from the web point of view....I have become a more addicted {or whatever you may say} blogger.........I have read more blogs than my class notes/books......I have created my LinkedIn Profile and just finished creating a Technorati Profile as well.
Now I've to study for the end sems so that I can achieve my set SGPA for this semester {I would rather not disclose the target} My mini project group (Amit and Abhijit) is still clueless on our mini project idea. The problem is we have been thinking on creating something indigenous of sorts. When we met Suresh Kumar Sir we were brought downto earth. We've to come up with something very interesting at the same time not very complicated.
I'll write interesting stuff within a couple of weeks.....I would return only after my end semester
Hope not to return tomorrow and write another post with the same expectation at end!!!!!!!
EEA and IEEE SB have launched their respective websites and thats great news

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