Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy Diwali !!!!

So its my third diwali away from home......I always remember the diwali back home!!!!
Anyways when the globe is shrinking, you can have very few reasons to stay away from your family. But you can still be connected with your loved ones through internet which I feel is the best invention/discovery to happen for mankind.
Meanwhile we (Abhijit, Amit and me) have not finalised a mini project. The search is still somw ideas though but have to bring it to earth. The environmental studies project is working on well. However the classes conducted where really boring it should have been more practical concentrating on the solutions rather than problems. Well I can't direct the classes.
Another end semester is closing on and once again it will be a week long night-out sessions.
I am trying to learn French through an audio lecture series and it is really very good. Hope to have some posts in French as well{a few sentences}
Have to sleep early....have to visit Temple tomorrow {9th Nov} early morning.

PS: If people do visit my blog and find something to share on any idea please feel free to do so.
I would be more than happy to get suggestions and/or critics from my readers.

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