Thursday, December 06, 2007

Relaxed for a while

Weather in Pune is really getting chilly especially at night, but I am enjoying it to the fullest. Have not really started with the what I had planned for the vacations except watching Heroes. The series is awesome and must watch for everyone.
Tried blogging from mobile for the first time.
I was thinking on various ideas for the paper presentation contest by IEEE SB. I've zeroed on one, but have not started any solid work on it. It is basically use of power lines for internet purposes....I have to read some previous papers on this topic before proceeding further.
Another important task is to visit a substation nearby and gain some practical knowledge in power systems. Power systems course ruined by uknowwho . I told my friends to comment on her in my blog. Hope they comment anonymously.
Also have to develop my googlepage
Hope to finish that thing too during this vacation
Not getting any more thoughts to share and I being at home cannot try nightouts.

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