Monday, April 09, 2007

End Sems closing on......

Alas! I got time to blog..... I was busy preparing for the end sems & the other reason being the server in computer centre was down for almost 3 days.
Last friday we had a treat from IEEE SB for our successfull organization of FOSS '07.
It was a great day to celebrate the success of FOSS. I hope the great work done by Deepak & Amarjeet is carried forward.
Yeah the real thing has now arrived- the end sems {or the time to go home}.
Actually my friends & I dont want the end sems to begin but instead we want them to be over before they start. That shos the eagerness to go home.
Before going home I have to burn many CDs/DVDs, hope I get time for all that.
Other things around: GRE revised test has been cancelled, dont know is it good or bad.
The world cup upset# 3 Bangladesh win over the mighty S. Africans.

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