Friday, April 13, 2007

One Week to go......

2 down, 4 more to go....
Thank God we have a proper scheduling of the exams lots of rest time thats more important..
I mentioned in my last blog about the IEEE get together. Today we had a farewell to our senior batch. Yet again this small informal sort of function made me proud to be an IEEE member. From the experiences of seniors it shows that it is worth to be a member of professional institution like IEEE. I hope the great work done by the seniors is carried further and their dreams are envisaged.
Today I went thru' some of my fellow bloggers' posts. It is quite exciting to have a peep into people's life. The power of blogging is in help rendered by the others..... the care that is shown
it really impresses me. I also found blogs about MIT students who are doing a great job by helping non-MIT people learn more about MIT. I have a copy of their URLs might be needed some day
Coming back to the exams!!! Well Maths was OK and today's M/C s I think I just lost 'S' .Anyways it has been one of the most interesting areas for me.
The packing business yet to be started but i got a copy of suse Linux burnt today. Hope it works well on my home PC.
This has been quite a long blog . The lengthiest in my short blogging career.
Its time up for me I think I will have to eat in MC today but no probs I'll be having company, Appu I suppose is busy surfing and is hungry.....

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