Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I (and many others) have the feeling that our mind gets most creative just before exams. As an example I get most of my creative blogging ideas the moment I open a book to study for the exams. It's a different story that I don't pen (rather type) down these ideas on my blog.
Well, exams at NITC have been nothing short of a war. Yes its more of a last moment war but war is a war and must be fought. I will present here a sequence of events taking place just before an exam.

Time: week before exams. Scene: Class/ Hostel Room
Friend: Dude we have exams next week !
Me: Yeah buddy lets start studying. Well, may be we are too early. I'll watch a couple of movies so that I am refreshed for the grueling study hours. And by the way the latest episode of 24 (you can replace this with any of your favorite TV series) is out on LAN.
Friend: I think you are right. We'll start later

Time: 2 days before exams. Scene: Hostel
Me: Do you have any of the text books ?
Friend: No... but I got a photocopy of the teacher's notes
Me: Cool..... but I like to have a text book (the reason being I am interested more in the academically irrelevant stuff)
Friend: Some one in D hostel has
Me: OK. I'll probably get it tomorrow

Time: Day before the exam. Scene: My room. Attendance: At least 5 people at any given instant
Friend 1: Have you studied that topic? Guys are saying its the most important topic for this test. Please go through it and explain it later
Me: Really ... I thought that's not included in the syllabus. S*** have to study that. Ask some one else to study..... I am still at the first page
Friend 2: I am studying that part and I'll explain it to you. You go through this section.
Friend 3: Damn it!!! I can't understand a word of this book. I should not have bunked classes this time. I am gonna screw this test.
Me: Relax man we still have more than 12 hours for the exam. Let's go to MC (mini canteen) and have some coffee.

Time: Less than a hour before an exam. Scene: Hostel/ Examination Hall.
Me: This is the way it works.... are you getting???? Show me the last block diagram !!
Friend 1: Here it is ...
Friend 2: Come on guys only fifteen minutes left. We won't be allowed in the hall after 2
Me: Ya .. I'll get ready and join you guys... by the way where's the exam?? same room?
Friend 3: Not sure.... last time we had with 2nd years... this time we have with M. Techs probably the room is changed. Let's go early and check the notice board
Friend 4: Don't forget to take your calculator and i-card. Remember the last time rite? Many guys were sent back to get their i-cards !!!

Time: Few minutes after the exam. Scene: Outside Examination Hall
Friend 1: Hahahahahahahaha
Me: hahahhahahahhahahahaha ... what a paper!!! ????
Friend 2: I told you guys this paper is gonna screw our GPA ... haha
Friend 3: Chill guys ... its relative grading for this subject .. ... and looking at everyone's happy faces it seems we all are in the same boat

This is just a short description of how my friends and I tackle exams. They are quite a regular affair here at NITC - 2 mid term exams and an end semester. Along with studies, exam times are filled with teasing, leg-pulling, mocking and such other activities. Most of the hostel pranks and tricks are masterminded during these times.
I really enjoy these moments. These are one of my personal favorite times in college.
Starting thursday, I have to face the last of my mid term examinations at NITC.
Let's hope for the best .... and I'll probably watch a movie after this post just to refresh myself ;)

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Hari Vishnu said...

Lutely !

shite man exam times.. even i tell my friends.. that this is definitely one of the most enjoyable parts of our lives.. just that during exams we;re so tense that we fail to recognize it.. most of our creative and constructive discussions on Life, the Universe, and Everything, comes during exam time :)