Sunday, May 11, 2008

The entrepreneurial zeal

Today in the morning when I was in Shri Harimandir I was pondering over two eternal questions
1. Who am I? 2. What is my destiny?
Well finding answer to these questions is what I call life. Hopefully I will answer these questions ( in due course of my life.
I might have succeeded in finding a partial answer to the second question. But this post is not about my is about the local entrepreneur. I think Pune should be one of the best places for entrepreneurs, thats why I have read (although in local newspaper) about them.
I have been reading about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs ever since I joined NITC. My motivation for entrepreneurship was the book by Robert Kiyosaki-- Rich Dad, Poor Dad and what an excellent guide it is for everyone. After that I have read news articles, books, magazines, blogs on entrepreneurs more than some of my college text books :)
But today I could actually meet an entrepreneur in person. Talk to him and learn how his life had been. He is Mr. Ramdas Mane the CMD of Mane Group of Companies. I actually visited the company for doing some project during my summer holidays. The company is more in to mechanical than electrical and so I won't be able to do any project work there. Anyways the visit to the company was worth a thousand textbooks. He was extremely friendly and his advice will certainly help me. It was good to know that their company have a record in the Limca Book of Records and they also own patents. The person's life told me one thing no entrepreneur has a rosy life. He has to make it rosy through his hardwork, determination and courage. Mr. Mane was very kind in talking to me even when he was busy with his work. I am extremely delighted to meet such a person and interact with him.
I'll have to end this post of my school friends, Sadanand is online and we are planning for a get together..very excited :)



This may all seem like a huge digression, perhaps not of direct interest to the readers.
So who am I? I am tempted to give my favourite answer "I don't know". But even that would be inappropriate. I - as a body, a public person and the subject of these sentences...can only answer by writing this reply. "I" as a mental model can never know except by embedding models within models. Really "I" can do nothing but go on living moment by moment until "I" die. Whether that will be at the same time as this body dies or before, I cannot predict. I am as sure as I can be that it won't be afterwards.

Harshad Desai said...

So you have answered it wonderfully. But finally we all are manifestations of the supreme.
Well we have to leave this answer to our heart as someone has rightly said "The heart is wiser than the intellect." And lets hope in due course of time we are able to know what we are......