Saturday, May 03, 2008

Blogging 4m Flock

A new experience...... blogging from flock and its awesome
Flock was like love at first site. They call it the social browser and it is exactly that. There are so many things embedded in it and it makes social networking all the more easy!!! You can find it here
Meanwhile I am going through sites of few universities and with the help from edulix I think I am doing a good job.
Wanted to write about a few i's, but flock took its place.
 Anyways I 'll just mention about the "few i's "
I-- Individualism... thats pretty much what the current century and/or generation is. Thats why u have igoogle and myyahoo like things
I-- Internationalization or (I18n) ... I feel its similar to globalization i where everyone is going global. The other day I read an article in Pune Times about people going abroad for shopping. Thats going global
I-- Indianization ...may not be a word recognized by any of the dictionaries  :) , but it means people are accepting India and outsiders are coming here for reasons other than exploring its culture  (ie travel and tourism). You can also say this I may be Indian Premier League...:-)
and people are requested to append their i's to this list....

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Hari Vishnu said...

hmm.. there are some more i's the way i see it.. but yea these 3 are really defining the world eh..

hey i thought i18n was an official foss usage acually?..

Harshad Desai said...

yaa im gonna add to the list... u could as well add ur i' the comments..