Tuesday, March 06, 2007

blogging in the 21st year of my life

im back here after a long time.
it{the blog} first started as an assignment for my 1st year course. i managed to write because of my interest, which later on withered off .
& now im writing again only b'coz of the FOSS meet @ my coll.
during the meet i realized how useful the blogging tool can be.
yeah and talking about the meet, it was a great success .
had great time working 4 the meet. the speakers were just amazing. the spirit they had................ just hats off to those guys.
although i missed Holli {call it rags fest atleast back here in nitc } i have no regrets .
also yesterday i celebrated my 20th b'day.
i would like to thank all my friends & well wishers for their b'day greetings{its not possible to mail or scrap everyone}

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