Friday, October 09, 2009

Another comeback

And finally I am motivated enough to write some stuff here... and hopefully keep updating.
As you might have noticed the blog title has changed (after a long thought ~ 1.5min). For the new readers (if any(?!) thanks for visiting and please comment!), the blog was earlier An Engineering Student's Bla Bla.
Why the change? Well firstly and more importantly I am no longer an engineering student (not that I have switched careers or something its just that I am an engineer now) Secondly, change is good, it better be, because I have seen many changes over the past few months.
Now moving on to the new title. During my time away from blog posting, I was reading through my old posts and each one of them reminded me of the situations/scenes/memories of the four wonderful years I spent at NIT Calicut. It was then that I realized my blog was a better memoir than a picasa album, a bit of exaggeration here, but it was like rewinding the past four years and laugh, appreciate, sometimes hate while reading each post. It reminded me of the lame assignment that started this blog, the day India won the T20 world cup (and the amazing experience of watching a cricket game in a common room), the post on officials at passport office goofing up my name to the last post on farewell everything flashed (almost like Chuck flashes :P)
and thats why the title goes 'Life Revisited'.

To end, the important reasons for no blog posts in last 4 months - laziness, and moving to a new country (which ideally should motivate?)


Anand said...

It was very mature to call yourself an Engineeer. There appears pride in that statement! :)

Harshad said...

I know its mature .. but its very much the truth :P

chandra said...

Thanks for being honest. never knew of NIT Calicut!!

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Robert said...


Have you ever thought about doing an MBA? A lot of engineering students are taking the plunge lately:

lokrajya said...

i harshal how r u?
I am manish.working in ee-pub now a days

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