Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Topping the google!!!!

We all know the might of Google. I (with many others) am extremely crazy and addictive with whatever google does be it the google docs, google pages, google reader, google desktop. Gtalk and the list continues. But lets not forget the google search engine with which it all started. The search is synonymous with google. I hope one day google could search the matter as well. Anyways I'll not move into philosophical science.
Ever since I started googling and surfing, I always wanted to top the search. And now I have been able to top the charts (try googling "Harshad Desai" to verify) Well it was possible due to 2 reasons
Naymz.com and LinkedIn.com
It is difficult to top with a search key=Harshad alone because there is one Harshad Mehta the big bull. Anyways I am more than happy to achieve this. Thanks to the above mentioned sites.

Moving on I got my first job at Areva T&D through the campus placements . The selection was done on last Sunday 6/7/08...lucky date i guess :) There were 3 rounds... the first one a written test (aptitude and electrical engg), followed by group discussion (the topic was Nuclear Energy: essential or not......one of my favourite topics) and then came the interview (was pretty easy)
Thats enough after a month long gap (ample of reasons for that) from blogging.

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